Patience....not so easy is it?

I honestly feel that patience....waiting for divine the hardest lesson to learn in life. Instant gratification is the name of the game in today's world, so any delay is likely to cause anxiety....a real "ants-in-the-pants" experience. Why do we find it so hard to wait? Letting things be until the absolute perfect time? It's enough to make you climb the walls with frustration sometimes.

Buddah said not to let anything or anyone disturb your inner peace, and of course we know that old adage, "good things come to those who wait." This challenge is a tough one for me, especially when I'm eager for all my hard work to come to yesterday! So...I allow. I allow the frustration to just wash over me. I allow the anxiety to play out...let it run its course....feeling every bit of the discomfort. it's a little disturbing being off-balance. I have to follow the advice I've given to others...the only way around a challenge is straight through it. Allow...experience...then let it go.

Easy to allow...even easier to experience. It's the letting go part that's hard. I and out....slowly. Going inward and trying to understand why...why the anxiety in the first place. It has to be that we're just such an impatient species. Lions will stalk their prey for days...waiting to spring at the perfect moment. Stepping back and just letting things be while the universe works its magic is a challenge I both despair of and welcome.

The trick is to just live in the moment...stop worrying, stop anticipating trouble and just BE. Everything will occur when and if it is meant to. Relaxing into that knowledge...letting go....I need daily reminders to do that. It's a conscious choice every day to just live in the present. Maybe one day it won't be so hard. It'll be as natural to me as...well, breathing. Until then my angels are on constant alert: "Here she goes again...let's get to work!"

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