Nature's Grief

Eight beautiful Pin Oak trees that lined my street were cut down recently. Their roots were pushing up sections of the sidewalk creating a safety hazard for walkers. The Homeowner's Association gave two options to the owners of these trees....keep the tree and replace the sidewalk at your expense (removing the offending root beneath), or allow the county to cut down the tree and replace the sidewalk. The county refused to remove any roots and allow the tree to remain in place. It was all or nothing with them. Either way, the homeowner was responsible for paying for a new sidewalk. Of the 11 homeowners with these trees, only three elected to keep them. They hired their own contractors to remove the roots and replace the sidewalks...curving them around the trees' base to allow for growth.

I did not own one of these trees, but I have sorely grieved their loss. I am fully aware of the nature spirits that inhabit trees....they are ancient and wise, healing and protective. They are, quite literally, the lungs of Mother us the oxygen that sustains us and connects us to spirit. The day these magnificent trees were cut down, I cried. I'm an empath, and I felt their grief.

I stayed outside with them as long as I was able....until the grief and pain became too unbearable. Those trees marked for removal KNEW it...and were terribly sad. My heart ached for them and for the other trees on the street who--though not being cut down--mourned for their brethren. I felt it all. I wept for the loss of these beautiful beings. I prayed for them.

Hours later I ventured out again and felt....nothing. The air was still and the pain had lifted. All was quiet, and the only thing that remained were the stumps of eight beautiful oak trees.

I have struggled with anger over this....anger with the homeowners who saw only a problem with the trees and didn't care enough to work with find another way. For those who did and saved their trees....bless you...and thank you. We need more of you who "see" with your hearts and feel the connection to nature.

My home doesn't feel like home anymore. The energy has shifted...changed. I feel a move is coming...sometime in the not-so-distant future. A move to a place near the water, with tall, beautiful trees swaying in the breeze. I will look for a home with a willow tree. There I will find peace.

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