Patience. It should be a four-letter word.

Ah, patience.....that thing we all strive for yet fall so short of achieving most of the time. When you're raising an indigo child....or in my case, THREE indigo needs the patience of a saint, and lately I've been falling short. Sigh.

Indigo kids are tough to raise. Just accepting their differences is a huge hurdle for a parent to overcome. Having patience when every little thing rubs their sensitive indigo skin the wrong way and causes withdrawal, emotional outbursts of every kind and out-and-out refusal to take the reins in their lives can make this mom want to tear her hair out with frustration. I ask for help fr om the angels...a LOT. One of these days I expect my guardian angel, Rachel, is going to say, "Uh,'s YOUR turn, Michael. I did it yesterday and Gabriel did it the day before." Oh yeah.

On a soul level I know these children are here to learn from me, that I am meant to teach them powerful lessons and help them evolve to their highest level. I also know that I am meant to learn from them too....especially in the patience arena. Each new challenge that comes my way is an opportunity for me to pause, look into my heart and pull my response from there....not from my head where they've been coming from lately. It's a conscious choice I have to make every not react with irritation or exasperation, but with compassion. It ain't easy....even for a lightworker. All I can do is try...every every day is a chance to start anew. That's a gift I deeply appreciate.

No doubt this latest Mercury retrograde and energy "upgrade" has something to do with my current cranky-pants attitude. That's a clear signal to me to get my buns outside and ground to mother earth....even if it is death valley hot out there.

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