I saw the signs...

For most of my life I've been feeling...well...disempowered. My personal life and the situations surrounding it had been difficult at best and excruciatingly painful on the worst days. I struggled for years. I could say that my struggles were needless, but that wouldn't be true. They were absolutely necessary to bring me to where I am today. The point of enlightment. I've had the power all along to change my life. I only needed to remember that and most of all, BELIEVE it.

Disempowerment has clearly been a theme in my lifetime now and in past ones too. Lives spent in both Nazi Germany and Atlantis were horrifying...deep soul memories that have risen to the surface for healing in this lifetime. Imprisonment. Horror. Abuse. Victimization. I was unable to process and move past that in previous lifetimes when I lived them. I allowed disempowerment. But not now...not in this lifetime. Something is different now. I've taken charge.

Since I was a child I'd been the victim of others. Abuse in its many ugly forms were part of my life. I bent over backward to please people, to make them like me....Miss Nice...to avoid more of the same treatment. I was disempowered. I had handed over my life on a silver platter to others instead of being in charge myself. I didn't see it, however. Not even a little bit. But my body knew it...oh yes...my body knew and tried to tell me. It finally got my full attention when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. All disease is rooted in the emotions...in the energy field first...before it becomes evident in the physical body. My diagnosis was the turning point and the beginning of the new me. Or, perhaps, the remembering of the real me.

Fourteen years later, it has been a struggle....a sort of divine dance....one step forward, one step back...a cosmic Cha Cha. The spiritual path I walk was always meant to be. It is who I am. The process of learning this has seemed slow, but spirit tells me I'm right on time and doing great. Everything happens in the right time, in divine time. Not a second before.

Realizing...making the connection of disempowerment....has been a powerful step forward. Awareness of self is huge. Every step of my path has been necessary to bring me to this point in my evolution, and I am very proud of my accomplishment. I AM powerful.

This past Friday I took a long walk with my new awareness. The energy I had was incredible, and as I walked I asked the angels for a sign...a very clear sign that I was doing well and had made real progress. They gave it to me. Immediately. As I walked through a parking lot, a car's license plate caught my eye: 555 were the numbers on the plate. 555 means a big change is on its way so hold onto your hats! Right beside this car was another whose plate read 777.

777 is a great big "atta girl!" The angels were giving me a huge pat on the back. 777 also means "expect a miracle." With a big grin on my face, I kept walking when suddenly an out-of-state plate caught my eye....777 again. That was clear enough for even this knucklehead to get. I asked for clarity and I got it. Later that night I ordered pizza for the family....the grand total for my purchase? $27.77.

The next day my mentor, Eddie Mullins, sent me a picture of something he saw while out and about riding his bike...a great, big 777 on a building. Wow.

Thanks, guys....I saw the signs. :)

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