A sign from Grandma...

My grandmother passed 18 years ago. While her death was not the first I'd ever experienced in my 35 years, it was the most devastating. Tremendously giving and unfailingly kind, she never said a bad word about anyone. Her heart was wide open and very full. Her later years were clouded by the tragedy of Alzheimer's Disease. It broke my heart to see her slowly slipping away, not knowing who I was anymore.

Six months after she passed--right before Valentine's Day-- I had a miscarriage, losing my only daughter, the daughter I had planned to name after her. I desperately missed my grandmother then and needed her comfort, her understanding. She had had several miscarriages of her own, and I knew she would know the right things to say to ease my aching heart. Well, she did have a message for me...and it came about in an unusual way.

I had two young sons at the time and they loved Brach's Candy Conversation Hearts. You know the ones...with all the cute phrases on them like "I'm Yours" or "Be Mine" or "Mad 4 U"....things like that. (I liked them too...heck, didn't we grow up with them? :) So I bought a bag, poured them into a candy dish and told the kids to help themselves, but not until after I picked out a lot of the orange ones first. My favorite flavor.

As I separated the orange ones from the others, I read them then popped them into my mouth. Suddenly one of them made me freeze. I stared at it in amazement. It said "Hi Luv!" Now this may not strike you as anything unusual, however I'd never seen this phrase on a conversation heart before or since, and it was the phrase my grandmother always used when she spoke to me on the phone. Her other greeting was "Hi Hon!"

As I laid that heart to the side, I picked up another that said "Bye Luv!" My heart was pounding, and I burst into tears. I knew immediately these messages were from my grandma...she WAS with me and knew what was happening in my life. She had never left and loved me just as much as ever. It felt wonderful and gave me peace at a very difficult time.

Naturally I kept those candy hearts. I had them for years until I noticed one day that they were missing. I suspect one of my sons ate them, but that's ok. Grandma would've laughed so I did too.

Last year I went to a metaphysical fair in York, PA to connect with others like me and see what was new and interesting. I met a woman who told me that I had strong "grandmother energy" around me. Then she said, "Your grandmother wants me to tell you 'hi hon' as that is how you'd know it was her." Grandma is still here and watching over me.


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