My near-death experience in which I realized there is no death...

Twenty-five years ago I almost died. I was 27 years old and eight months pregnant with my first child. I had just moved to California with my husband who was newly-stationed at Mather AFB near Sacramento. We'd been there only two weeks when my water broke, and we rushed to the base hospital.

My labor began a few hours later and progressed normally until I reached 5cm dilation. Pain as sharp as a knife blade arced through my spine. It's intensity took my breath away and I understood for the first time the meaning of the word "agony." I haven't felt anything like it since. Desperate pain. I started to bleed...heavily....and surrounded by doctors, I was rushed into surgery for an emergency c-section.

The last thing I recall before total oblivion was seeing the flash of a pair of scissors cutting my hospital gown in two. I was not aware of the passage of time. It ceased to exist. Everything ceased to exist.

I suddenly realized that I was in front of what appeared to be a movie screen....and I was watching a movie....of someone's life, as it turned out. I watched, amazed, as images of my an infant, toddler, young girl and older...unfurled on this screen. They blended together seamlessly...ebbing and flowing one into the other with no apparent start or stop. And the colors! Oh the colors...I cannot even begin to describe them. There are no words to describe the colors I saw. Blue was...more. Pink was...more. There is nothing on this earth that is comparable to the colors I saw in the spirit realm. I still have no words to describe them. I only have an impression, seared in my mind, in my memory.

There is a print by Escher that is the best explanation/description of my experience. It is a print of staircases...some going up, some heading down...some are staircases on top of staircases and people are walking on them in every conceivable way and direction. This is how I see the spirit world. It isn't linear, there is no time and no sense of having to go this way or that way. There is no right or wrong, no up or down, there are no rules and everything is happening simultaneously. Anything and everything is possible.

I watched this amazing movie of my life for awhile, oblivious to everything else, until I gradually became aware of someone calling my name. It barely registered at first and I ignored it, being much more interested in my life record. But it got louder and louder, and I couldn't ignore it anymore. I turned....and in that moment became aware of a light. It was dim at first, but as I focused on the voices calling me, I was pulled closer to this light and away from my 'movie.' I slowly opened my eyes and saw a ring of doctors and nurses around me, all urgently calling my name, squeezing my hands and watching me intently.

I found out later that I had almost bled to death on the operating table from a rare complication called DIC. Basically, my blood stopped clotting. I was quite lucky, for though I was at a small military hospital, the base was able to dispatch a medevac helicopter to a local hospital for fresh blood asap. They only gave me a 20% chance of surviving the condition was grave...but I pulled through it. My baby also survived though his first Apgar score was only two. He's now 25 and a wonderful young man.

I never talked about my experience very much. There was little out in mainstream media about such things, but I held it close to my heart. I wondered about it, and to this day I can recall some details perfectly. But I still can't describe the colors I saw. You will have to see them yourself to understand. I have no fear of death as there is no death. There is only a transition...a going home. It is peaceful there...a beautiful place. It is home.

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