A message from cicada....

I was walking my dog this morning when a cicada landed on my arm in a flutter of soft wings. It startled me and I jumped, but it flew off again quickly, singing it's unique, piercing song. As this has never happened before, I knew cicada had a message for me. This past week has been trying...many things have come up for review...so I investigated when I got home. From Totem Wisdom...... Cicada Totem "The Cicada is a symbol of rebirth and longevity. People with this totem are strong communicators and often find rewarding opportunities as the result of patience and persistence. Their callings sometimes come later in life after a period of seclusion. Cicada teaches communication through music - it's song is easily recognizable and noticed by others. Cicada also speaks of the ability to "shed one's skin" and emerge as something new and different in life. Coming out of your shell and expressing yourself authentically are themes of this totem. Personal Reflection... Cicada remains underground for much of its life before emerging. When cicada appears to you it speaks of a need to come out from hiding, to break free of what restricts you. Cicada loses its shell and symbolizes our ability to come out from the shadows and let our inner being break free from oppression. Cicada has a distinctive sound all its own - use cicada's wisdom to inspire you to share your own voice." I must say that the process of shedding one's old skin for a brand new one is a challenging process. The need to trust the unknown is key isn't it? As a writer, I am clearly being guided to keep moving forward in that area. I've been receiving this same message from Thoth...the Egyptian god of writing and communication. So...I currently have two manuscripts circulating through at least two dozen publishing houses. :) Ideas for more are swirling around in my head and I've begun research on one of them. Rebirth....it takes the courage of authenticity, patience with self and a willingness to examine all that comes up in life to see the message encoded within. Somtimes it's simply to roll with the punches...not everything is under our control, and it's easier to flow around life's obstacles than to hammer against them until exhausted. It's certainly more peaceful. One message that keeps coming through for me...over and over...is patience and persistence. I have to remind myself of that repeatedly...sometimes daily. Everything in divine timing. Not always easy but imperative. And letting go...breaking the shackles of oppression that held me bound for so many lifetimes...Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia and on and on.

It was all illusion anyway. It always is.

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