A life saved had blessings for two...

A few days ago, my son saved a friend's life. It happened in the blink of an eye and was utterly terrifying, but as it turned out, both of them received a special gift.

My son, Vince, went to his friend's house last week to visit and see if he'd like to attend an NA meeting. Vince had been trying to talk this friend into going for quite some time, but so far he'd been unsuccessful. He hoped this time would be different.

When he reached his friend's home, Vince knocked on the door but didn't get an answer, then VInce did something he never does...he went in anyway. The door was unlocked. He found his friend right in the middle of a drug injection. "Aw, man....why're you doing that?" Vince asked him. His friend didn't answer because he started to have siezures. It was an overdose. Vince grabbed his friend, lowered him to the floor and was horrified to see his lips and face turning blue. He stopped breathing and Vince checked his pulse...there was none. Vince was terrified, but somehow remembered the CPR class he'd taken in high school and immediately started rescue breathing. He also began to slap his friend's face hard, yelling at him to wake up in between breaths, shaking his shoulders and continuing chest compressions. For ten minutes he worked like crazy to save his friend but there was still no pulse and no breathing. Vince said later, "I knew I was holding a dead man." He started to panic.

Then he saw the empty syringe on the floor and grabbed the salt shaker off the kitchen table. He mixed a quick saline solution and injected it into his friend. He continued CPR and within minutes the young man began to grimace, breathe, and the blue color receded from his face. Vince was finally able to look for the house phone (he'd left his cell in his car) and dialed 911. An ambulance was there within minutes and took his friend to the hospital. The paramedicas told my son that he'd saved his friend's life. If he'd arrived at the house just two minutes later, his friend would not have made it. He did everything right, and his friend survived with no lasting effects.

My son was seriously shaken by this experience as it not only took all his physical strength to bring his friend back, but the emotional aftermath was huge. He couldn't believe what had happened, that he was there at the exact moment to save his friend's life. (Of course that was no coincidence). But Vince was not alone. He had the presence of mind to call on two Archangels for help....Michael and Raphael. Vince knows they were there helping and guiding him, and he wasn't about to give up on his friend because Vince had lost another good friend just weeks ago from an overdose. It shook him badly. "No way was I going to give up on this guy, " my son said.

I am in awe of my son. A young man is alive today because Vince didn't stop CPR when others might have, called in an angelic support team for help and knew what to do in a life-threatening emergency. He also experienced the absolute terror and panic of somebody on the other side of the addiction coin....what the families and loved ones feel when their addicted loved one overdoses and the fear they live with on a daily basis. To me this is as much a gift for VInce as his actions were to his friend. Both were life-changing.

Life...and death....happen in the blink of an eye, and we never know what's ahead of us on our path, but we are all capable of extraordinary things. Yes...we can make a difference in this world....a HUGE difference. We may not save someone's life like my son did, but a kind word, a sympathetic ear or even a friendly smile can change a life in extraordinary ways. Believe in yourself, your strength and inner knowing, and trust your own angelic team for support. You can create miracles.

My son did. I am so proud of him.

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