A lesson in the leaves...

It is a beautiful fall day here in Maryland...crisp, cool and crystal clear. The sky is deep, deep blue and the trees, brilliant. Their autumnal coats of yellow, orange, russet red and deep bronze are a feast for the eyes. The leaves are falling now, and soon the trees will be sleeping their winter sleep...a quiet, deep hibernation until the time is right to bloom once more.

I paused and watched the leaves fall today. Some fell one at a time...drifting slowly, spiraling down to a gentle stop on the cool grass. Others came off in clusters and still others waited for a strong gust of wind to pull them off. Some hung onto the branches quite tenaciously...no amount of windpower seemed to dislodge them...stubbornly resisting the call of nature to let go, but let go they will. The winds of change cannot be resisted indefinitely.

Like the trees we are being guided to let go too... of those situations, beliefs and relationships that have served their purpose....some for a single season, some for many. These are our "leaves," and the energy of transformation supports us now to release what no longer serves us. Are you feeling the guidance to let go, or are you hanging on tightly to your leaves, your fear of the unknown preventing you from allowing them to fall gracefully away?

Nature does not fear change. It embraces the cyles of life, welcoming all experiences, living in the moment, always in balance. The seasonal wheel turns yet again, and the trees recognize that their leaves have served their purpose, releasing them in autumn's embrace. If they didn't do this, would the new growth have space to emerge in spring? The animals, too, follow their inner guidance...migrating with the seasons, hibernating or changing their coats to blend with the shifting landscape. None resists. No element of nature questions whether they will be supported, whether they will see the new spring or even be around tomorrow. They simply follow their inner compass and trust, knowing that all is as it should be.

Trust that you are always supported as you make the changes you are guided to do. Let go of the leaves that have served you. You do not need them anymore. Thank these experiences and bid them a fond farewell. Don't clutch them tightly in fear....the strong wind of change may come along and force you to open your hands anyway, willing or not. Make the courageous choice to choose change, knowing that all is as it should be. Your angels are always with you, guiding your journey.

New growth is just a season away....:)

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