The only thing that matters...

I just returned home from the funeral of an out-of-state relative, my husband's Uncle Don. I can count on one hand the number of times I saw him in the last 30 years, but each time I did I liked him more. Uncle Don was a truly kind man, devoted to his family, his friends and his church, and a real testament to living a heart-centered life. He was an army veteran, a business owner, a horse lover and very quick to help out a stranger. He even picked up hitch-hikers...much to his family's alarm...because he said, "you never know if someone just needs a lift. Maybe they ran into some trouble and need a bit of help." Always one to stop and see if someone needed assistance or to help out a neighbor, Don couldn't turn away a person in need. He also sang in his church choir. One friend recalled how Don sang at his father's funeral and helped him through a very difficult time. That's just how Don, laughing and letting his heart guide him.

Both of Uncle Don's children spoke at his service, and I was really moved by their words... beautiful testaments to the kind of man he was. His son said that Don was a wonderful father....kind, funny, and a real inspiration. "I will always have my father's example of how to live an extraordinary life. He taught 'family first,' and for the rest of my life I will always try to live up to the example he set in taking care of my own family." Don's daughter recalled an early childhood memory where she told her dad about some problems she was having with friends. These friends were behaving in ways that troubled her, and she didn't know what to do...should she go along with the crowd? Don took her hand and told her that she will always have to decide what SHE wants to do in her life....that she had to learn to think for herself and blaze her own path. "In the end," her dad told her, "the only thing that matters is love."

The only thing that matters is love. Wow. Uncle Don knew. Our lives are often so inundated with distractions of every, home, responsibilities to family, the little things that seem to pop up all the time that require our immediate, undivided attention....that we often forget the very thing.....the only thing....that truly matters. Love. Don's daughter never forgot her father's words. I'll never forget them either. Is there a better testament to anyone's life than he knew love mattered most?

God bless you, Uncle Don, for he surely blessed every one of us who met and knew you.

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