Fear & Enslavement...part 2

About a week ago I posted on Facebook about fear, and how it leads to separation, war and enslavement. I mentioned that the way to free yourself from enslavement was by choosing consciousness. Today, I thought I'd expound and expand on that post a bit, and address the power of collective consciousness and how it can be used against us...or FOR us.

Everything is energy. Everything.The chair you're sitting on to read this, your computer, the clothes you're wearing, your physical body, your spiritual body, the sun, the moon, the stars AND your thoughts. Yes...even your thoughts. Now, this is getting into the area of quantum physics (never my best subject...lol...), but I'll take a stab at explaining what I mean. :) Atoms in a molecule vibrate.They are in constant motion. The rate at which they vibrate is their frequency. Everything in creation has it's own frequency. Objects like chairs and other matter vibrate at a very low, slow frequency...and thus they are solid. Spirit vibrates at a very high frequency...not solid matter, so not visible to you unless you have raised your own frequency to match. Here's a visual that may help: remember the old transistor radios? The ones with dials on the front? You turned the dial...moving the little bar indicator... from the lower AM stations (generally poorer reception) up and through the higher, more powerful FM stations until you found the station you liked...the one that matched you and your tastes. Imagine that solid matter is at the lowest end of the dial, in the AM range...and spirit is on the high end of the FM range. (BTW...this is not a criticism of AM radio stations...just a simple means to explain a sometimes complicated subject. :) )

Your thoughts also have a vibrational frequency...either low or high. Fear... an umbrella term that covers anger, depression, shame, guilt, blame, hatred...has a lower frequency than love: joy, happiness, peace, acceptance, etc. Fear is the low end of that radio reception...the AM stations. Love is the higher frequencies on the FM dial. Now...picture this:

When the world's power elite want to control public opinion and emotion, they use tools at their disposal...like the media...to instill fear in people on a mass level. They want the radio station of every human permanently set to AM because they know and understand the power of the mind...the power of human thoughts. Do you have any idea...any clue...just how powerful you really are? Do you know that your thoughts...when coupled with emotion...are creative energy, and when added to the similar thoughts of others they can create a common reality for an entire family, community or world? This is the collective consciousness...one mind. This is how you truly know that you are not...and can never be...separate from another soul. You tap into it constantly.

Ever hear the term "mob mentality?" Next time you're in a sports arena...football, baseball or anything else...observe closely. When a referee makes a call that "somebody" believes to be wrong, or a player makes a perceived error...that somebody sends out the anger signal with his thoughts first. "Damn...what's the matter with that guy? Is he a moron or what?" he's thinking. He adds to his anger with words...maybe even shouting them loudly. In seconds the entire section around him is doing the same thing...contributing their energy to the collective, and soon the entire stadium or arena is of one mind, stomping their feet and screaming their rage...and the energy is intensely negative. It is fear energy. What can happen then? Some people verbally attack the fans of the opposing team, some people start pushing or shoving others, and some take it home with them, lashing out on public forums and in their families...maybe physical attacks on the street outside the arena. Still think your thoughts aren't powerful? Think again. How did that shopping mall feel in the days before Christmas? Calm and peaceful...or anxious, irritated and stressful? You may have felt good going in...how about when you left? What happens when the media and the news are primarily negative...pushing their agenda of control through fear manipulation? How do you feel when watching it? Happy...or depressed? Their control = your enslavement. You have the power to make a different choice...through conscious awareness. Start by turning off the tv.

Edgar Cayce, the gifted trance channel, said, "Mind is the builder." Your thoughts...when coupled with emotion and intent...create your reality. You can be in control and use them to create a peaceful, loving world for the benefit of all, or you can allow yourself to be manipulated...giving up control to those who would use fear against you. That is why I said to look beneath the "news," to question everything you're told and shown by so-called authority figures, because if their goal is to perpetuate fear and maintain control of planet earth, it only needs to affect..or INfect...one person who matches that fear frequency. That person will then spread that fear to another via his thought energy, and it then spreads like wildfire to everyone else who matches that frequency. The more people tuned to that same AM channel, the more control they have...the greater the fear, and you know what fear leads to...don't you? Change your thoughts and you change your life, and consequently the lives of every other being here.

It's a choice to take back control, to be awake and aware, to change your frequency to an FM station, to BE self-empowered. It's also a gift...to yourself and to the whole world. Love energy spreads too...just as far and just as fast. It is much more powerful than fear. Our world changes one person at a time as each chooses consciousness and self-empowerment. It isn't always easy, as illusion can often be more comfortable than truth, but if you are satisfied with the status quo, I ask you this...do you really want to live a lie? The tide is shifting...can you feel it? I will continue to do my part in speaking the truth and living it. It's now up to you to make a choice.

So...where do you want to be on the cosmic radio dial?

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