"First, let me say that I am a well-educated woman with plenty of life experiences, maybe a lot more than some. I have been trained to be skeptical and analytical. I am a no-nonsense professional, so taking a chance on Madonna's service was a departure for me.  With that in mind, I viewed my Celtic Cross reading with a healthy dose of detachment.


The reading was eerily accurate in its description of specific aspects of my life at that time, including upcoming opportunities that appeared after the reading and that she could not have known.  Madonna was caring and thoughtful in her delivery and interpretation and offered encouragement during a difficult transition in my life.  She gently questioned the necessity of some of my decisions, leading me to re-think and, in some cases, change my perspective in key areas.  Along with working with a career counselor, she helped me to a fundamental alteration in my life's goals, one that fills me with contentment versus dread.,


I would recommend her readings as an important addition to any information you may be gathering as you face challenges of your own.  As someone who, in their teens, used to read horoscopes of the day for a good laugh, I think highly of her intuitive gifts, and I think you will too.  This is not a Ponzi scheme or some woo-woo seance drivel.  I will most certainly be back for another reading as I go through changes in the future." 


~H. Killam~




"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing contribution to our Health/Wellness Fair!  It was so relaxing, and I have heard so many compliments!  We really appreciate your time and expertise!"


~M. Giles~

The Harbour School

Pod of Whales

"There are many great minds on Earth,

and not all are human."

              ~ Anthony Douglas Williams